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Discovering the isle of Elba
Most visitors to Elba invariably think it is much smaller than it actually is. Its size of 223.5sq.K. makes it the third largest Italian island, smaller than Sardinia and Sicily, but much larger than all the other islets. A holiday on Elba offers many possibilities from beaches to mountains and is a popular destination for sports in the protected National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago. There are many places of entertainment and nightlife spots, good food in good restaurants. Or you can simply swim and enjoy the landscape that seems impossible to find in just one short hour journey by ferry. This site will be useful to book apartments, houses, villas, hotels and farm holidays in all parts of the island. Find a place to sleep in areas such as the much requested Capoliveri , with its beautiful coves and sandy beaches like Lido, Lacona. Also Portoferraio, and many of the other eight town council centers known for the beauty of the beaches and the transparency of the sea. For those looking for a more intimate holiday we suggest considering the small hill towns such as San Piero, Sant Ilario, Marciana, or Poggio steeped in the countryside, or take a short walk on the footpaths or trails, even go for a trek along the GTE the Great Elba Crossing. Everything Elba can offer is especially popular with families with children; sea, nature, history, scenery and a culture that will surprise you, and then your simple holiday will be transformed into thoughts of returning again and again.    

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