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Graziano Nepal
We are a tour operator based solely on the Island of Elba. Our offices are open all year round and we specialize in summer rentals of apartments, villas, hotels, and other accommodation that we select from year to year in order to offer high quality at the best market price. We have been working in this field since 1993 and in the meantime many things have changed but some basic principles have continued to inspire our business during these twenty years: love of the land where we work and live, transparency and honesty. In order to promote our island we  use the most advanced techniques and have contact with most of Europe, west and east. Despite the fact that the work has greatly increased over the years we want to maintain a “direct” contact with guests during their booking and after their arrival. We will help you to organise your holiday in a better way, starting with booking the ferry ticket, for which there is no additional charge.
We invite you to browse through the pages of this site which contains a selection of our most interesting accommodation in all of Elba, and as we concentrate only on this field we are real specialists. We highly value your opinion whether you are just visiting the website or decide to stay and book with us.
Our offices are situated in Portoferraio just a short walk from  the harbour in the heart of Elba.
During your stay here you know that you can count on our assistance. 

Below is our brand logo, the tail of a whale diving into the sea in front of the sun.

Our logo wasn't designed by a graphic designer, but by an artist from Elba who, for many years has worked in Florence. He is an archaeologist and a very humane person also a friend, Mario Ettore Bacci. 
I asked him to paint with with the colours of the sea and nature , to give  an idea of the essence of the island and the holidays here, and as I imagined, I fell in love immediately with his water colours.
That whale tail that plunges towards the sun right away gives me a sense of nature with a capital N, a sense of power and  irresistibility. The contrast between the warm colours of the sun and the blue tones of the sea and the animal are an invitation to follow the powerful ancient messenger of the sea over the horizon towards the stars that move in and out of us all. Mario has  understood with any explanation that, even if we work in the hospitality field on Elba, I wouldn't mind sailing, sunsets and sunbeds too, and he has sought and achieved a link between our most typical dreams and colours, light, and scents of the Island of Elba which reflect its personality. That tail gets you to imagine a world shrouded in mystery that is difficult for our thoughts to grasp. Maybe for some people these ideas will seem exaggerated for a tourist operator, perhaps it seems that rhetoric and comic book style has prevailed, but think about it, don't holidays belong in the world of dreams?
We live and work in a wonderful environment, and one of the most interesting in the Mediterranean, it is living  a thousand years of history, and this, Mario knows and above all, loves  every respect. It is the largest of the seven islands of the newly formed Tuscan Archipelago National Park and is inside the Sea Mammal Sanctuary that Europe wants to protect and to pass onto future generations with a clean sea and a prosperous life. We know that this is a momentary ripple in this ocean of history and nature, and so for this reason the love for our work deepens and increases our desire to do what we can for this ancient civilization that was delivered  to us in a difficult but fascinating moment. 

Graziano Rinaldi
Owner- Elba -Vacanze

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